Monday, March 31, 2008

Christmas Eve slipped my mind...

...until I found these!
Christmas Eve, if we're in Tennessee and not Ohio, we go to Gatlinburg to see the lights and try to do some 'mountain-ey' things as well. It usually isn't too cold yet down here, so the weather is ideal (usually in the 50's)...
We love this:

Then we usually do some of this:

And this glitter is always cozy and nostalgic:

But in the name of all that is pancake-worthy was this?:

This sideshow was on the sidewalk near the Ripley's Aquarium entrance, and in the picture it appears Xander has paid the barker his penny entry fee, and is going to enter the curtain to see the Snake-Girl. But first, a chorus of "Dolls Come to Life!" are going to sing bawdy carols. Yow!

Merry Christmas, and Happy Day Before April Fool's Day!

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