Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday, I'm in Love

Is there anything better than Pete's Coffee Shop on Union? Here's to furthering my dramatic exit from vegetariansim with a perfect cheeseburger. Boca doesn't make anything that tastes like that.

This impending economy doom has replaced the doom felt last summer during the drought doom. I'm not watching the news or clicking on depressing news any further. Maybe Oprah can give some millions that she has lying around to the rest of us. Maybe if we got out of Iraq we could funnel those billions back into our economy. If you vote a certain way in the coming election, or still support what is going on, I might just call you D.W. Moneybags and shake my head at how out of touch you are. Because you are the Monopoly Man, and not like your fellow Americans.

But I told you this wasn't a political blog. What isn't political now, tho?

What else do I love right now? The Putumayo Kids Music, especially New Orleans Playground. Totally takes the King Cake for what is great music for the family. Personal favorite, The Meters' "They All Ask'd For You." Listen to this kind of stuff when you feel sad. You'll be reminded what a great cultural nation we are, and your kid(s) will dance cute. We play it on gloomy slow days in the Children's Room, hoping to conjure up some kids.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Find something to be in love with!

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