Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Celebritus Lecherous

Every week it seems we hear a publisher's official press release that some celebutante has decided to write a children's book or has written a children's book. Some are excellent (Spike Lee, Jamie Lee Curtis) some are kind of predictable and unconnected to childhood (sorry, Madonna)and some are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC (Hello, Bill Cosby and John Lithgow)...It gets rather annoying, "Oh, Rip Torn has a children's book coming out? How wonderful. Is it about goatees?"...
But let's add a name to the FANTASTIC category.
Julianne Moore.

I don't know if she had it ghostwritten or if she penned every word herself. All I know is, whatever happened, works. The illustrations by the wondrous 1970's style of LuEyan Pham are really vibrant and will catch a child's eye...I really love how teeny Freckleface Strawberry is compared to the other children. I genuinely snickered while I read this book, which is rare in any children's book, let alone one written by a celebrity. The work is loosely autobiographical, and it's really precious that Julianne Moore showed herself in such a modest, sweet light. So much more lovable than any children's book say, Russell Crowe would write.


Natalie said...

cute book cover! i miss all the good stuff living here!

J. Anthony Holloway said...

"So much more lovable than any children's book say, Russell Crowe would write." I just spit my coffee out all over my monitor!