Saturday, May 3, 2008

Library Love

I can't really remember now what I grabbed from the library before I left...I usually just fill up my bag with books and then spread it all on the table as if they were blueberries or other assorted produce. Or stolen goods.

But libraries are so about trust aren't they? You give someone your name and address, they give you a card. With that card you may borrow up to 35 materials. Including DVD's and CD's. Materials that actually cost a lot more than you'd think. Although if you've been to Border's, you know what books and DVD's and CD's cost. The library trusts you to bring them back in a timely manner. And as long as no one else wants them next, you may borrow them for up to 6 weeks longer...because we trust you and we're nice that way. We just want you to enjoy yourself, you hear?

Of course, some people abuse that trust...if you never bring things back or even if they're pretty late, our feelings are hurt. What if someone else wanted that? (What if WE wanted to read/watch/listen to that?) So we fine you. And we don't feel good about it. We'd rather have (what honestly is what we usually have) bags upon bags upon bags of returned materials, all enjoyed, all in pretty decent shape (although we do get some damaged things, once we got a picture book that had been repaired with duct tape)...and we really appreciate getting stuff back. Really. And you, we appreciate you. Just in case your library has never told you thanks before, I'm saying it for all of us.

(the photo is Richie Fahey)


Natalie said...

i've mentioned before that our kids' school library lets me check out the books. they know of my goal and trust me to bring them back. i was told not to tell the other parents because they didn't want all the adults to feel like they could check out books. i feel so special! and now you know my dirty little secret!

Chrissy Johnson said...

That's because I'm sure they love that you love books! And that's really nice of them!

J. Anthony Holloway said...

I wish that librarian in the picture worked at my library.