Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reading Club Challenge, Part Deux

Have you ever had one of those days where you keep spilling things, your shoe falls off, and you trip over your own shadow? I am. I'm actually having one of those lives. My inherent scatterbrained nature is coming out full-force early into this week...I need to quiet the monkey-mind once and for all. Speaking of monkeys! Later in the weekend Xander and I continued our quest to twenty books, and included in those twenty are the following three (we actually read many more, but Easy-Readers about the movie Cars, Wookies, and Cabooses aren't that fun to review on here...and those types of books were, as usual, read in abundance-plus, I try to review as many new-ish books that I can...)

Very Hairy Bear - Alice Schertle (ill. Matt Phelan)
Chrissy- "Adapted rhyme and alliteration sprinkle all over this charming work...the illustrations are chubby and new...especially the bear in a snowfall...I have a soft spot in my heart for grizzlies, having seen 9 of them in my short life..."
Xander-"Are bears nice?"
Chrissy- "As long as you don't bother them when they're getting food."
Xander-"Oh. Why are they hairy?"

(came up with some rather amusing results during my google image search for 'very hairy bear'!)

Tiger of Turkestan
- Nonny Hogrogian
Chrissy- "Ah, this book is really lovely and inspiring...I wasn't sure you'd be ready to dig it yet, Xander...but here it is, and I think the dreamy (yet still cuddly enough for a tiger cub)illustrations by the Caldecott-winning Hogrogian are really beautiful. I was a bit confused in the geography...she mentions Mount Ararat, which I thought was in Turkey and seen in Iran and Armenia? I have no idea...more research is needed. Regardless, it's lovely and has an uplifting message...that children can appreciate too. Never underestimate their understanding of higher levels of consciousness."
Xander- "Is that tiger nice? Does he have a mom and dad? Is that the mom one?"
Chrissy- "That's the baby tiger when he grows up."
Xander - "Oh, when I grow up, I will be a tiger...or a fireman."

Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct -Mo Willems
Chrissy- "Ah...Mo Willems. Edwina is such a sweet dinosaur lady. I don't need to say too much about the illustrations, they're classic Mo Willems...perfectly awesome and kids and adults love his stuff..."
Xander- "Let's eat this boy's cookies. The dinosaur made some more. Let's eat them. (pretends to pick up cookies and milk from pages, gives me some, himself some, Edwina some, and even Reginald Von-Hoobie-Doobie some...) These cookies are TASTY!"

A book that inspires make-believe cookie-eating? Jackpot!!


Natalie said...

i love that you are reviewing these books! and the very hairy bear cover was adorable! why are bears hairy?

Kathy said...

Hi, I just wandered in to your blog while browsing and I run a home daycare and go to the library weekly. I'm definitely going to look into those picks of yours.

and I love that you are saying you are having "that kind of life." Too funny!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Make believe cookie eating? Wonder if I did that more often if I would gain only make believe weight?


Cassandra said...

Your son is so cute! I love his last answer..."Let's eat this boy's cookies." :D