Sunday, May 18, 2008

What I've really been working on the past three days...

Is thus:

This summer, my library, along with probably your library, is conducting a Summer Library Club to promote...well, literacy. Reading. That kind of thing.
We read all the time to Xander, and he looks at books by himself on his the program is a cakewalk for us. Pineapple-upside-down cake.
The procedure is...
Children who aren't reading yet just have to listen to 20 books and they get a prize pack that includes a free train ride on this train ...and free bowling, zoo tickets, the list goes on and on.
I got to can I capitalize on this on my blog? What's in in for me?
So that brings us here. I'm going to (briefly!) review the twenty books, five at a time. I'll briefly state my opinion, and then present you with the words of the toughest literary critic of our day...this guy:

Fair warning, his honesty might shock you. Here are the first five on the roster.

My Friend Rabbit - Eric Rohman (Caldecott Winner)
Chrissy-"The pictures are rich and woodcuts on a letterpress. Like Yee Haw ... quirky and sweet. What do you think of it, Xander?"
Xander- "Fine."

Two Little Trains - Margaret Wise Brown (author of Goodnight Moon)
Chrissy- "It's kind of a mature story...I love the words but I admittedly miss the art of Clement Hurd paired with her prose...Xander?"
Xander - "Fine."

Timothy Goes to School - Rosemary Wells
Chrissy- "Rosemary Wells always cracks me up. Her characters are imperfect and honest. And sarcastic. Love sarcasm in children's books...she never patronizes a child's sense of humor. Did you like this one?"
Xander- (Shrugs)

Duck Soup - Jackie Urbanovic
Chrissy- (note: did not finish this one, actually only read two pages. Book was started very near bedtime...)"Let's read this one tomorrow, it's late. Get in bed. Find George (his stuffed monkey) that George or Georgie? (his other stuffed monkey--who is for some reason not as important to X as George) No, get in bed now! Quit picking! (nose)"
Xander- "Why did Jabba the Hut freeze Han Solo? Was he not nice?"

I Want a Pet
- Lauren Child
Chrissy- "Lauren Child is just perfect, and I'm really feeling the Quentin Blake influence in this one..."
Xander- "What's in the egg? Is it the ...(dramatic pause) Little Einsteins? (hysterical laughter)..."
Chrissy- "We have one pet, the cat...what other pet would you like to have?"
Xander- "What's in that egg? Is it....Darth Vader?! (hysterical laughter)...
(Note: of all the five books, this one elicited the most conversation and the most interest. Xander loves to read...but where most books, even very good ones, might just get a "Fine" or "Let's read another one..." I Want a Pet let to about 10 minutes of related chit-chat. That is HUGE.)

Regular Siskel and Ebert of the Children's Room, we are...

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Stefania said...

This is great! I'd love to hear X's take on the other books, you will have to keep us informed as you work down the list.