Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is what I'm giving up this year for Lent. And I'm giving it up because it will be hard to give up. Should I make it several things? We'll see, because planning even remotely into the future for now is on my list of things to give up.

1. Worry. I love worrying. I love running figures up and down in my brain, day in, day out. I enjoy it. I enjoy worry. I used to think that my great moments shone through after a big worryfest. Gary pointed out to me that no, irrational thinking and conclusion jumping usually comes through excessive, self-induced worry. So that's off the list.

2. Hyper-planning. I love to plan. I love to list, I love to think "where we'll be" in five, ten, fifteen years. Well, life has proved to me that you don't plan things like this. Try to save a little money, squirrel it away, live simply and happily. Don't plan. Go away little planner. Seat of your pants. Keep people safe. Plan to drive your financed truck across the country? No. That didn't work. Good thing, too. Even typing this is reminding me of planning and lists and brings me back to obsessive worry. Gone. Over. Poof. Now.

3. Chocolate. Because I eat too much of it. Just for Lent, though. Just for Lent.

4. Reserve, for obvious reasons.

5. Hesitation and Procrastination. Sound contradictory to #2? Not really. I need to do several things. Planning for the "future" prevents these things from happening. Do it now. Write more now. Save spare change now.

I'm doing this for my son, my husband, & myself. If we're to ever have more children, I need to be fully aware and fully myself. I wish I could have given that to Xander his first four years. I wish I wouldn't have worried so much. No more wishing away, either.

6. No more wishing away minutes, hours, days, years.


Erin said...

I can't help but think about how much you must have enjoyed making this list. (#2)I love to list :)

I feel like I've given up enough this past year to last a lifetime. I guess there's always something more we can sacrifice of ourselves though.

I'm right there with you on the "No more wishing away minutes, hours, days, and years." I need to put that into practice myself.

Chrissy Johnson said...

I feel the same way you do. I really had to struggle, as we've as a family sacrificed a lot. But I'm with you, you can always sacrifice more. That's what this time of year is all about. What we give up is so little compared to what Jesus gave up and sacrificed, as well as those around him!

In looking at #2 I've gone ahead and almost broken Lent just by making that list! But, it is Mardis Gras today, and not Ash Wednesday.

I've already decided to forgo the no chocolate rule and give up facebook instead. I think it will hurt more!

Terry said...

Love the post! I think I'll have to cut and paste pieces of your list (Ah-hah, a list! Erin is right!) into my own life. And I think you're right to give up Facebook; we need more chocolate in our lives sometimes.

See? People really can relate when we speak the truth!