Monday, February 23, 2009

Please vaccinate your children

This is an issue that has angered me for several years, the anti-vac and selective-vac arguments. Kids are getting sick again due to this quackery. This trendy movement not to give your kids a shot because someone said it might cause autism. It's been proven OVER AND OVER again that vaccinations DO NOT cause autism. Shut your ears to this nonsense. Plus, wouldn't you rather have an autistic child than none at all if in some fairy-land that it is in fact, true? I've known some wonderful autistic, learning disabled (another so called bi-product of vaccinations) people in my life. These people are a BLESSING to our society.
We must stay on the whole vaccinated to fight these diseases that used to kill our great-grandmas and grandmas' babies. Have you ever been to an old cemetery and seen all the teeny tiny little markers? There is a reason. There were no vaccines. If you "can't afford them" your county gives them for free. If you can and choose not to because you're homeschooling or private schooling or unschooling or something else you GOOGLED then please reconsider. Read this. Don't listen to Playboy playmates. Take away the brainwashing and listen to a medical doctor. For crying out loud, people, we don't want our kids to die of polio do we? Or the flu? Or complications of chicken pox? We are living in a modern society with many, many choices. Choose health!

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