Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's rented. Someone else will live there now, but its still "our" house. If only on paper. I hope they love it. I hope it doesn't fall apart on them, and we have to pay for all sorts of repairs. I hope it takes care of them. I hope they love the lavender, and the butterfly maples. I hope the rosemary calms their nerves as it calmed mine when I walked up the front walkway. I hope the cave crickets don't jump up their skirts.

I hope they love it. My nerves are calming now. Let's hope the mortgage company is fine with the arrangement, as we've heard NOTHING back. But ahhhhh it's all in someone else's hands now. As it has been from the beginning, not in mine. The mystery of life and it's intricancies. They joy of not knowing. The knowledge that you're not in control.

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