Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gary and I are truly addicted to change. We’re here since December, and already we’re ready to find some cheap land, build a yurt on it, and live out our days in sustainability. Got all hyped up last night about all the details.

I’m not one to say that this will never happen. Because the scary thing is, it probably will. If my relatively short time here Earth has taught me ANYTHING, it’s that there is very little that is impossible. It might not be the way we scrabbling humans think it will turn out to be in the onset of planning, but dreams become fruition.

So while the yurt may not happen, it could turn into a rental cabin that we greenhouse in the back…we’ve already said that city work-life is officially NOT for us. We love the little town that we live in, but the city we commute to for work in all its fun and cultural activities, parks, etc. is a bit too frenetic for us. Imagine us in a place like New York or Chicago! Two stoic recovering folks with a love of nature, peace, and solitude thrown into that pace. Uh-uh.

I keep thinking our need for change needs to be stamped out, and soon…Xander will start Kindergarten starting in 2010…Our roots need to be a bit deeper. But you know what? I grew up this way. My father loves a change of scenery. His wanderlust is firmly rooted in my DNA. We’ll see where the glittery dust of destiny takes us next. For now, we’re here, we like our little town a lot, we’d be happy to stay here a while…something simply (could it be the ridiculous amount of beauty just outside) is pushing us to move in deeper…experience this place deeper. If we must tramp out to the bush or further south down the coast we must. I feel we’re close to the right place…just maybe not there yet? Or is it that our terminal wanderlust will not let go of its stranglehold?

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