Thursday, April 9, 2009

If only my brain and my heart didn’t perform like an Atom Egoyan film, actions and thoughts and feelings forward, backward, present…

Learning that the only true way for me to be content is to feel almost physically sandwiched in between two pages of a book, and that’s the only way I truly ingest knowledge, too. For all my love of all things internet, even the good databases like Gale and Oxford, my brain calms and pulse relaxes when I’m tracing Dewey Decimal laminated spines.

So when to dive in? When to tumble like Alice through the Looking Glass and begin the beguine that will cement these long dormant thoughts into something more permanent? Should I wait for what Atwood calls the "giant thumb" to press on my head?

Xander starts his violin lessons tonight! He was fitted at the wonderful Mike’s Music in Downtown Eagle River for the tiniest violin I’ve ever seen – 1/10! As soon as I locate the camera I like to use (the little point and shoot) I’ll get some pictures up of our apartment and the tiny violin…I didn’t want to take any until I had some curtainish type things made, I had forgotten about apartment life’s abundance of Venetian blinds (yuck.)…it’s still such a transition going from a large home to a medium sized apartment…but the changes are proving to be relaxing, and conducive to our busy brains. Xander holding that violin made my heart flutter quite a bit.

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Erin said...

Oh, a tiny violin! Makes my heart flutter just thinking about it. :)