Saturday, October 10, 2009

no haiku today come back tomorrow

Haven't written anything in two days, not even scribbled haiku. I was too busy @ work on Friday and today I was too busy cleaning at home.

Insert sad face here.

Today must be chalked up to daily life and not to the muses, I'm afraid. Everyone is or has been ill with a stomach bug the past two days. I myself grew dizzy and faded at the thrift store on my lunch yesterday, and I was afraid I would hurl all over the collectible shot glasses and Tupperware pitchers.

This is striking me as lovely today:

The cat on the windowsill! The dotted swiss curtains! The gas cooker! The linoleum tiles with ships and castles on them! My grandfather's house has those transom windows above his doors to the outside. I miss those little touches in the generic rentals and seventies split level(s) we've tended to live in. That's one thing I miss about living in the midwest, though we always lived in generic rentals and seventies split levels.

That's all I've got in me tonight. Xander can't (won't) fall asleep even though he had no nap, Gary is in and out of the bathroom. What a trouble sometimes it is to be human.

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