Saturday, November 7, 2009

When I get in this type of mood I want to compartmentalize. I start browsing "storage ottoman", "bookshelf", "toy storage", "file folders". A few weeks ago I spent $70.00 on around a dozen baskets from Cost Plus World Market. It was a weak moment, yet I feel no shame. I put things in the baskets that formerly had no place. I gave them a home. As my life shifts a bit to the left, to the south (hopefully) I'm already eyeing what can go, what can stay, what I want to embrace and what I want to pitch out the window. In the words of George & Ira, "Things are Looking Up..." I just wish things would look up at Gary's job...I wish his spirit would lift rapidly up.

I've been writing a lot, away from here. Into a black and white composition notebook. Our project is growing but waiting for snow. My own projects are still embryos. Gestational. Our main project is a newborn, slowing learning to roll over...soon it will crawl, pull itself up, and run.

More later. I'm feeling full of stars today.

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