Saturday, January 9, 2010

Early morning Dream Journal

My eyes are still a bit glued together with sleep, but I had to type this into a permananent spot before it slipped away, as dreams do. First, Xander told me this morning that he "spins" into his dreams, up for going into the dream, and down for going back to his bed and going back to sleep.
My dream was of course multilayered but I must remember this:

The woman could hear exceptionally well. She had been adopted as a seven year old and her adoptive parents gave her a black butterfly. She was an angry, sullen child due to what had happened to her prior to her adoption. She took the black butterfly and looked at it. She heard the heartbeat of the butterfly that her new, eager parents gave her, she heard it stop when she squeezed it too hard. The rest of that segment of the dream she was an adult, the adoption/butterfly/heartbeat bits were her memory. So essentially I was in a plot, viewing the present and memory of a fictional character.

I also must remember ice skating on that quiet pond, all by myself. It came right back to me. I thought I was awake, but then I felt the snow beneath my mittened hands and the smoothness of the ice as I brushed the snow away. And as I skated for the first time in over ten years I remembered that I was pretty good at it.

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