Thursday, February 25, 2010

There isn't much for boys. Boys have a few authors, a few influences, but from what I remember they went straight in to Stephen King right after they put down The Giver. I wanted to offer them more when they asked, those in between boys who had read everything in the basement, who had wanted to question more. There isn't much after His Dark Materials has been read a few times over, and The Thief Lord has taken a hundred flights. Can I help? Can I enter the realm of the boy? I don't want to be Gary Paulson or something. I'd rather something I wrote be suggested along with Sherman Alexie. I'd rather bring on the violence and the tortured sexual urges. Not that I can't do this with writing for girls, but everyone writes for girls. Hardly anyone thinks of keeping boys into literature. For that's what good young adult fiction is - damn good literature.

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