Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There's something that I'm working on that sends me into a daze when I think about it, in a good way. One project started to run a bit stale but now that the pressure has lifted it brings me a bit of respite from the new, shiny, plump one.

I could probably stand to take some general creative writing and composition classes. I'd rather poke something rusty into my eardrum than rack up more student loan debt (I left the last school almost ten years ago and I'm STILL paying for it). I admire those who want to return to school - a lot of me really wants to (the part of me that wants my MLS) - but the practical part of me would rather stick my nose in a free book at the library and let Gary be the highly educated one. I'll be the character from an Alice Hoffman novel in the house: a little flighty, a little broke.

I've put my facebook account on suspension for Lent. I'm not a practicing Catholic anymore but Lent has always held a nice pull for me, it encourages me to stop, drop, and think about what is cogging my wheels and stuff.

I love you all, goodnight. Off to work on the book.

This is the most traditional "journal-entry" type entry in a very long time. I feel dirty.

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Katie said...

I am loving it :)