Saturday, March 20, 2010

A bit of a throwback

I have a bit of a Story Time addiction. I create grand themed ones, simple ones at home with good music in the background, and ones straight off the cuff at the last minute. This addiction began during my library life down in Knoxville. My first theme was robots (complementing the current State-wide library summer reading program theme that was Space-related), so I had the kids make recycled robots out of foil, paper grocery bags, toilet paper rolls, plastic bottle caps, etc. etc. We read some Dan Yaccarino (one of my favorite story book writers/illustrators) and made an insanely cute robot parade around the library.

I was hooked.

I also love GOING to a good Story Time. We've tried almost all of them out here. Some have been a little dry, some have been a little awful (one librarian YELLED at the children for playing with "her" carpet - sheesh), and some have been downright wonderful. My favorite and best? The one we went to yesterday at the Girdwood Branch. It was a traditional, beautiful story time done by a seasoned professional who was warm, receptive, and obvsiouly LOVED what she was doing and LOVED children. I could learn a lot from her (and did just in one story time!). This lady was a veritable Queen of the Feltboard.

The zoo does a wonderful Story Time as well, complete with an animal encounter at the end - only downside to that one is that you have to pay for zoo admission, which isn't much for just me and Xander but if you've got more than one kid or your partner is with you it can really rack up.

On my own personal Story Time news, I'm volunteering to do some at the botanical gardens during the week this summer (as well as continuing my monthly ones at the Apple Tree), and you just know I'll be pulling out the bag of tricks learned from some amazing Story Time professionals - bubble machines, instruments, nature crafts, yay!

On another Kid Lit bit of news, am almost finished with our book! I am about halfway complete with picking final images, after that Gary will edit them (and I'm sure I'll edit text lots more) and we'll put it in "dummy" form for submission to publishers.

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