Monday, March 8, 2010


she's the ivory
the red, the bold, the smart one
and now the sick one


Katie said...

I'm going to imagine this is for me because it coincides with knocking me tooth out :)

Chrissy Johnson said...

It's actually about my sister - who has red hair and v. pale skin. She's the positive to my negative! I'm the dark one, she's the light one, etc.

Poor you knocking your tooth out! I saw that on your site. Made me think of a jaunty wench from a Dickens tale. ;)

Katie said...

Yeah it's not the most graceful injury a person can have.

Meanwhile, let me have my delusion about being the subject of one of your beautiful haikus - your sister can have some other one.. I like the idea of being bold and smart too :)

Anonymous said...

nah...I'll take this one, Katie.
Barbara (this sister)