Friday, April 23, 2010


But please don't take her the wrong way. It wasn't maudlin. It was a Marshmallow Winter, a Blueberry Summer. Just today her heart beat in its little gold cage and fluttered like a monarch butterfly. Buds were starting to emerge; the mountains still had snow. In a land of vast landscape and vast change (and popping earthquakes - to Theresa it felt like they popped the earth and then shook it like a game of Boggle), there is so safe feeling though. They were not millionaires and things were terribly expensive. They knew all this of course before they came. They had been there before. All that aside, all that packed away, they had very little time left and Theresa was going to treat it like a two month vacation in an exotic locale - because isn't that what they had been doing for a year and a half (minus the working part of course)?

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