Monday, May 3, 2010

daily transcription of Xander's convo and uh actually I was Captain Rex. We were playing the one with the virus. Um, you were playing Ahsoka and I remember that Daddy was playing a regular clone. Oh no he played a droideka. He knew somersaults he was 16. I mean he was 30. So he knew lots of cool things that droidekas do. And people on the stage they were hiding somewhere and they were where the droideka was they were throwing blue things so it was like the droideka was shooting. Is that cool? And um, Levi and Zoe was and Levi was Jar Jar Binks and Zoe was Padme. And Aunt Laura no she was Ahsoka and Uncle Rob was a regular Clone Trooper too. Cody wasn't in that one. Oh Uncle Rob actually played a medical droid. What did Daddy play? (thinks a while, drinks soup). Who was the droideka (I consult my notes). Me: Daddy was the droideka. X: I think everyone in Tennessee played in the movie. I know that lots of kids played battle droids and clone troopers like I played one. And it was hard work playing a clone trooper. And (slurps soup) also lots of kids played droidekas. Yeah. Um I was a um a virus person because I was Rex. And he had a virus. And you were a virus person because you were Ahsoka and Zoe was a virus person because she was Padme. Levi was not a virus person because he was Jar Jar. Lots of clones were virus people. Lots of regular clones were virus people. There was just one Jedi and that was Ahsoka. And, yeah. Me: That was your dream? X: It really wasn't (whispers) I was pretending so I would have that dream. And if I told you the dream you might have it too. And I really wish that I was on stage. Yeah. Yeah. Me: Doing a show? X: Yeah. Me: Cool. X: Who drives the witches thing on Narnia (doing a reign movement)? A reindeer or the caribou? Why does she not kill them? She just tells them to do bad things I think. That little boy on the Secret Garden he's like I'm just so mad at those people like Professor McGonagall that they call him a selfish jerk. I'm so mad at those people I think I'm just gonna kick their butt off.

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Kt said...

Classic! It's an interesting insight into how our understanding of everything develops.