Thursday, December 27, 2007

...Back in the saddle again. And eating jerky!

Today's read: Shy Charles, by Rosemary Wells. My son, or Le Petit Prince as I sometimes refer to him (sometimes being in blogs and in my head, when I attempt to appear worldly and French or something...) is a shy little fry and when meeting new people, will attempt to burrow himself into my flesh. Usually my leg, or shoulder. He's been this way since his eyes were able to focus....So Shy Charles was a great little book for us tonight at bedtime. Le Petit Prince (should I just start calling him Prince? Like Michael Jackson's older son? The one that isn't Blanket?) even did that cute almost-three-year old sideways head nod, nodding in agreement as we affirmed that it is ok, and downright proper to be a shy kid.
My own reading is going to be Practical Magic, by Alice Hoffman...I did a ReadAlike on NoveList finally, after being severely disappointed in all the books I've pulled off the New Books rack for the past few months (with a few exceptions...Dark at the Roots, by Sarah Thyre knocked my socks off. But what else do you expect from a buddy and pal of the Sedaris family, and the wife of Universe-Controlling Andy Richter!?)...
If you haven't utilized NoveList, go down to your local library and log on to the reference databases (if you need help, a library worker can help) and get to steppin'. Say you're like me and can't get enough Margaret Atwood? Well, turns out I might like Alice Hoffman, whom I have never paid any attention also get to read funny (funny if you like books and stuff) bits if you type in a writer like Tom Robbins and they give you Kurt Vonnegut to read. The bookish, literary magazine editor from High School in me felt all validated.
And since this little missy hasn't introduced herself fully. I am me. I am Chrissy. I control the spice. So I control the Universe. I like books and movies. I just recently left a job, not a career, a JOB in corporate America after a wonderful stint at home full time with my I'm a working mother, wife to a videographer/photographer/very artistic and brilliant fellow...
Oh, and yeah...I just got my dream job. I work in a library.
This is me in corporate America:


This is me apres Corporate America:


See? A better haircut, and a happier soul.

P.S. I'm keeping this blog! The name is too good!

P.P.S. What this blog is not:

1. A parenting blog, but I am a parent. And will talk about parenting.
2. An activist blog. Although I 'into' several different causes and non-profits...and will talk about them here.
3. A wivery blog. Although I am a wife to an incredible man...and will talk about him here.
4. A good blog. Although I will pretend that it is frequently.
5. A library blog. Although they should all be library blogs.
6. A bargain blog. Although I love a bargain. And a challenge. And challenging bargains!
7. An art blog. Although sometimes I paint:
8. A cat blog. Although I have a cat and sometimes will smell his flatulence down here in the basement as I write this blog.
9. A recovery blog. Although I am a recovering **(fill in the blank)** - - I won't bore anyone with the steps I no longer pretend to be doing.
10. A weight loss blog. Although I need to lose the 10 lb. I gained this Christmas-time from eating frosting straight from the container.

I like it. This new rant. I'd love if others did, but if not, I am secure in the fact that I love this new microhome for my brainwaves.
Nighty night.

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