Monday, March 17, 2008

Picture Book Review Tuesday (a little early! since I have tweens and Sneetches tomorrow)

Little Bunny on the Move - Peter McCarty

A wee bunny with wee bunny run run little pudgy bunny, run like the wind.
OK, so that most definitely is NOT quoted from the book; if the book had that verse, I wouldn't be reviewing it because it wouldn't have ever been published. But that's how this little cloud of a book makes me think. McCarty (of Hondo and Fabian fame) and his beautiful illustrations out of watercolor and pencil create a dreamy quality that'll make your hand twitch, because you'll want to reach in the book and grab the little guy outta there. The characters literally glow, and the tale and it's ending always enduce an 'awwwwwwwwwwww' out of the surliest of reader. Kids will LOVE Bunny's travel and quest, especially 3-4 year olds, who tend to run wherever they're going to (from the living room to the dining room, from the swings to the slide at the park, they're on this little tilted mission all their waking hours)...I encourage you to pick this book up (Bunny's are hot right now, it is Easter almost...) and McCarty's other works. His website is: and I've included the product link in the usual spot on the left.
Go go little bunny!

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