Monday, March 17, 2008

"They don't all have to win the Caldecott" Monday

(Today I am home, as Xander has strep throat. Yes, one more peg on his little wheel of illness that has plagued him (and us) for almost two months. Tomorrow I must return to work as I have face painting at a branch for a Dr. Seuss party (it's his birthday month you know!) and then my Book to Movie Club's inaguaral meeting. I was going to take today to look over my notes but am going to have to take an hour tomorrow to do so. That is, if anyone comes. Those tweens are known to be fickle. I'll definitely post here what happens-or doesn't happen.)

Kat Kong-Dav Pilkey
So one of my favorite silly books for kids (no moral involved, it will never win a Newberry or a Caldecott or Coretta Scott King or a Geisel Award) is Kat Kong. If the authors name sounds familiar you probably have a nine year old boy in your house, since Dav Pilkey is the author of the Captain Underpants series of books. The reasons I love this book are a quarter-fecta (is quarter-fecta a concept? It is now!)

1. The cat looks just like my cat Bela

2. It induces kids to say silly things like: "That cat can't fit there! What is that kitty thinking?" (spoken by Xander)
3. I am a sucker for animals acting out movies or pet-movie-themed photography
4. It is perfect to stick into one's purse and produce during times of boredom, such as car rides or, like this morning, long waits in the doctor's office waiting room

I've attached the link on the left, silly ole thing. Meow!

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