Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The illness has successfully transferred to the adults in the home unit. Child specimen has fully recovered of symptoms and has fulfilled the task of viral relay. Hypothesis: We are now sick.

Despite all that (and the soaring gas prices, I mean are you kidding me! Increase this profit margin, you Oil Company hosers!) Xander and I did get around to making some really strange little friends last night. Perhaps this recession will continue to bring out the raw creativity that lives inside me, much like the last one did. Though I can't remember what I made during the last one. I was planning a wedding, I know that. I was doing makeup....oh, then I ran out of money and had to leave esthetician school, that's happy!

Here are our new friends we made:

The father: Photobucket

The mother (aka Matryoshka): Photobucket

The children: Photobucket

The father is really quite scary in person.

Here is a really lovely picture of Xander that Gary took. I'm reminded of the inevitable spread in Rolling Stone, when Xander, the Violin/Guitar virtuoso takes over the Indie scene by storm. But they probably won't call it that then. For all I know it will be called Pickle.


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