Monday, April 21, 2008

Fifteen reasons to enjoy your neuroses and ADD

1. Buy clay to create paperweight/gifts for crafts gifts for Xander to work on.

2. Buy embroidery floss and start making cat/sushi/atomic tea towels and pillowcases.

3. Buy/create a kitchen composter for food scraps. Better aerate compost in back yard.

4. Overcome fear of 'behind the shed' where the compost pile is.

5. Sew buttons on Gary and Xander's shirts.

6. Shampoo carpets.

7. Wax dining room table, credenza, Hoosier cabinet.

8. Learn where the term "credenza" and "Hoosier cabinet" came from on reference databases.

9. Clip out collage material from all interesting, chi-chi and low-brow catalogues shoved in the peacock store (spare room - - Xander calls it the peacock store)

10. Go to Museum of Appalachia again soon so Xander can get his peacock fix.

11. Finish reading books am working on.

12. Select picture book for Picture Book Tuesday

13. Think about summer reading project for my 2 storytimes I'm in charge of

14. Embroider robot, hedgehog and owl on something. Not sure what, just something.

15. Research/sign up Xander in violin/music lessons so he can become virtuoso by age 5...

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jenny from mommin' it up! said...

You are funny!! I need to make a similar list for myself!