Monday, April 21, 2008

Picture Book Review Tuesday!!!

Actually it's Easy-Reader Review very late on a Monday!! But I'm here, I'm at the computer, I might as well get something productive done instead of gawking at Perez Hilton all night.
For those of you who are IN THE KNOW with the library, you might be privy to this information: MO WILLEMS IS COMING TO KNOXVILLE THIS SUMMER TO THE SUMMER READING FESTIVAL. AND I WILL PROBABLY GET TO MEET HIM. I MIGHT.
For those of you who might not know whom Mr. Willems is, just know that his books are fantastically lovable and facetious. And he also won Emmy's for writing on Sesame Street....and that's all you need to know. But know this! I have been searching for the perfect Easy Reader (beginning reader, early reader, whatever you wanna don on them...) for months. Yes I know there's Dr. Seuss and Amelia Bedelia and Biscuit and Henry and Mudge and Mr Potter and Poppington and blah yahde who. But kids need short! They need funny! They need witty! They can see right through bad humour! And pretty much besides those I just listed and a few others (Minarak-Sendak books obviously rule as well)...most EASY READERS ARE LAME.
Enter Mo Willems. Usually the King of Picture Book. Now the King of Easy Reader with Elephant and Piggie. In I Am Invited to a Party! Willems' newest creations, the hyper pig and the kinda know-it-all elephant (who resembles the author a little) are super-prepared for the event of a lifetime. Zaniness ensues in less than 100 pages. With some of the pages reading only, "Party Party Party Party" just learning to read will cheer with clever silliness.
I can't wait to meet (or just see) this guy. He's fantastic.
Now, my contacts are officially waving white flags at me, so I must remove them before they kamikaze.

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