Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm pretty good at taking other people's ideas.... while I was reading the archives of one of my favorite blogs, I decided to steal her ideas and take her identity. No, not the last part...just steal her idea. Just one. What I'm wondering is...does anyone have any questions you would like to ask me? They can be children's literature related or totally personal...all about my life or even the life of someone else...I'll answer them honestly, and sarcastically. This is partly to see if anyone reading is paying attention. And it's also blatant self-gratification. So there. Caller, your question?


Natalie said... like this idea!

if money was no object what are the top 5 things you would spend it on?

what are your top 5 favorite books on the newbery honor/winners list?

i am currently reading commodore perry in the land of the shogun and wanting to stab my eyes out. i just have to power through!

BOSSY said...

Who took your "About Me" photo? It's the cutest ever.

Bossy has been wanting to organize a FAQ page for two years, but weirdly her most frequently asked question is... (crickets.)