Monday, June 23, 2008

OF COURSE I find my Zen wisdom in the Children's Room

Funny and totally appropriate that I would learn Zen meditation from a children's book. But I've done just that. I've attempted monthly it seems to finish adult volumes on the subject and find the lyrics lovely but couldn't quite catch the melody.
Children's books, especially picture books, wrap things up neatly with a few ribbons just a tad loose on the ends. Blowing a bit...and what's more Zen than that?

This one: Zen Shorts, Jon J. Muth - - a tale of three sweetly painted little children who meet Stillwater, the Zen Panda in their backyard. He tells them little tales of morals and peace and all that.

The afterword told me to let thoughts cross my mind, then let them float away. I had to push them, they wouldn't float. Waves washed them away eventually, tsunamis of illustrations in cartoonish clutter....pushed and washed until all that was left was a slight feeling of expanse and a bit of lopsidedness.

And yes I've read and studied 'how to do' Zen meditation, I can show you the volumes cluttering my collection with tiny little Zen masters twinkling up at me. It took Stillwater, the umbrella-carrying Panda to show me MY way of doing it.

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Erin said...

We just checked out "Zen Ties" from the library. It is such a sweet, gentle story and the illustrations are beautiful.