Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why I took the ads off of the blog.

....Because $3.14 cents over four months isn't enough to even buy a gallon of gas.

Will talk more later about some of the children's books I've been reading, or I'll rephrase: Haven't been reading. The new Sedaris book is finally in my hands after so many holds being on it in the library system. So, thanks to someone in my blogroll, I saw this lurrrrrrrrrrrvey owl icon that you see to your right. I'm over all the ads. This is part of the simplification of Chrissy and family.

Oh, but it's Photo and a Haiku Wednesday! It's been so long!

If you are perplexed
as to where the spawn's hair came from
here is your answer


Natalie said...

that is a cute picture! glad to see you back. i think i would have had major withdrawals if i had to go without my computer for very long. and i definitely couldn't share a computer with my husband! we tried that once!

J. Anthony Holloway said...

I've got the new David Sedaris book on hold at my local library as well. When you finish, please write a review!