Friday, September 5, 2008

A little emotional

I'll be back on here reviewing books again soon, but as of right now, I just haven't the time to dedicate to it. Oh! Many of you commented on the pictures in the previous post, those are my husband's, and I was trying out Picassa. I was experimenting a bit for the development as his website and did a preliminary here.

I'd like to say one thing before I go. I am a WORKING MOTHER who doesn't give a HEY that McCan't chose a woman to run with him. And don't get me wrong I ADORE Alaska more than any state in the Union. My godchildren are there, and my heart is there, too. BUT I WASN'T GOING TO VOTE FOR THE OLD NASTY MAN BEFORE AND HIS SEXIST CHOICE (YES SEXIST!! THE ONLY REASON HE CHOSE HER WAS TO SEE IF HE COULD GET 'HILARY' DEMOCRATS TO VOTE FOR HIM!!) AND I'M SURE AS YOU KNOW WHAT NOT GOING TO NOW. TURNS ME OFF EVEN MORE.
OBAMA/BIDEN '08, just like always. I'm a woman with a brain. Not that Palin doesn't have a brain, I'm just not sure she has a heart.


Anonymous said...

amen, sister!!

Scribbit said...

I'm looking forward to the inaugural party on Tuesday-everyone's celebrating it seems