Monday, September 29, 2008

Photo Mosaic (as seen on Design Dust)

1. Pink for Christine, 2. coffee and chocolate mousse cake, 3. Kettering Fairmont High School, 4. Just an Orchid, 5. Ewan McGregor, 6. waiting for storm, 7. Tutorial - after, 8. Cappuccino Dream, 9. River Typewriter, No. 2, 10. 1951, August, Nieuwvliet, father & son R, 11. Tiny butterflies feed on tiny flowers..., 12. Night Shift

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Anonymous said...

Is that for my Christine or for you? It's so pretty! I miss you!
Thanks for the Baby Bjorn! I'm sure David will get lots of use of it. I hope we can see one another really soon.
Are you watching the nightmare debate tonight? I don't know if I'll laugh or cry.