Wednesday, February 25, 2009

...I have this song ringing through my head, 30 Century Man by Scott Walker. It's on the Life Aquatic Soundtrack.

I guess that's the Wes Anderson film that is "ok" to "hate" among the cool people. That's all right. I'll wave my flag as an uncool person. I didn't like the Royal Tennanbaums as much as I should have according to the cool ones. I probably even spelled it wrong. I think if Paltrow is in it I automatically go into eye roll mode. I just don't care for that woman.

I wasn't visited in a dream by my characters last night, but I was visited by someone I haven't seen in a while. Someone I haven't seen since I worked at Nova, of all places. He was living up here now, and I was excited for the companionship. I didn't ask where his wife and kids were. Isn't that sad? Selfish little me even in my dreams.

I read the "spark" that got me in the afternoon over again this morning. I'll go ahead & return the reference materials to the library. It's all in there. Tucked in a little mossy corner, blooming full of lichen and blue.

I hope this clarity lasts.

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Eero said...

I liked Life Aquatic---any movie that is totally unpredictable is good!

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