Monday, February 9, 2009

Could you spare a moment...

...I know we're all super busy, and our minds are jumbled and strained (I know mine is...) but could you spare a moment to pray for my new nephew David? The little guy, not even a month old came down with a raging fever and intestinal problems...which can be very scary for such a tiny fellow. My sister is staying in the hospital with him, which I'm sure is not the way she envisioned her (too short) maternity leave. If you pray, could you send up a little message for David? He's a little munchin pumpkin muffin:

On another note, I've had a very lucid dream regarding a work of fiction I NEED to write down.

On yet another note, I've discovered I have a lot in common with the Icelanders.

Those two notes have something to do with one another.

That's X sledding for the first time.

Over and out.

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