Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Broo --- ahhhhhhh how I despise being a 'landlord'.

Even with a competent property manager it isn't a pleasant experience so far. But, it presented itself as the only choice, and it is what it is.

Our Easter was beautiful. Spent the day before @ Eagle River Nature Center on a child-friendly hike, Xander got muddier than any of the other children and proved himself King of All Wild Things.

Easter day was sweet and calm...we had breakfast at church, an egg hunt, coffee, then on to our best friend's house for brunch, and then for dinner as well. Isn't that wonderful about old friends? During the service I noticed a man around my grandfather's age in a wheelchair...he was VERY spry and chatty with the folks around him, I haven't seen him before in church (we haven't been going very long and I'm usually bent down answering Xander's questions and telling him, "Yes, that's a WONDERFUL drawing!" while similtaneously trying to sing/listen/reflect/scan for other moms with kids Xander's age (there are a bunch, but did I mention I'm shy?)...anyhow when it came time to stand at one point and sing, this fella in the wheelchair pushed himself off the arms of the chair with all his might and stood halfway, while singing "In the Garden" (this church sings such pretty songs. No mention of fire and brimstone. Just love love love help help help neighbor neighbor love love love...it's so peaceful). It touched me so deeply to see this man raise himself up to sing. I felt that throbbing hummmmmmmmm of community prayer that had been eluding me in the Catholic and Episcopal churches...and while we have always been a very spiritual family, our commune with nature full...you don't get that hummmmmm that buzzzzzzzz in the woods. I'm not downgrading the peace we find there and continue to of course find there...it's just different.

I nicked the lovely Erin's idea for Resurrection boxes in lieu of a basket this year. Xander had wanted cookies instead of a chocolate bunny, and I put those as well as his most desired Star Wars toy evaaaaaaah, the Attack of the Clones Galactic Heroes set (complete with arena lizards!)...I also bought some Alaska animal Holztiger toys from the Nature Center, and placed them on his Nature Table. They were bundled together, the moose, the fish, the bear, and the beaver into a little economical package ($30!). Of course all funds go to the Nature Center, if you're a local, do please stop by. It's our favorite and our best.

I have pictures, but there isn't a port for my card here at work. I'll attempt upload tonight.

This has been the most "bloggy" of my posts recently. I enjoy introspection, but sometimes I just need to summarize the truly joyful things in our little life to remind me how lucky I am.

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Erin said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter. Hope Xander enjoyed his Resurrection Day box. :)