Monday, April 13, 2009

Since I'm going to go ahead and DO this thing. I'm going to start by emptying out some preliminary thoughts. I have no idea who or WHAT is going to come out in this new writing endeavor. The only fact I'm aware of is that it's going to be cathartic.

Before we begin, I need to lay down the cement that will make sure you understand where I’m coming from, and I’ll do it with one thought for you to sit on: Every person is some one’s baby.
Think of that the next time you avert your eyes from a homeless man asking for a dollar. His voice is rough, probably laced with very cheap liquor. And yes, that dollar might very well be spent on more cheap liquor (Seagram’s 7? J&B?) instead of the loaf of bread that you wish it would go for. That’s how you’ll justify it not giving him that dollar. It’s your prerogative not to. But next time you see one, hear his voice (it’s usually not a woman, is it? We females have other ways of earning money…it’s just as ugly.) know that at one time someone picked him up, looked into his face, and cooed at him. Someone for a brief moment in the universe’s scale of time held that man and saw nothing but perfection and joy. The tiny features of the new. I try not to ever, ever scoff at that.

*Of course there's no 'you', I'm not writing to anyone in particular. Usually just little old me and my share of the holy spirit, you know? Or maybe my childhood fascination with all things Sybil and Three Faces of Eve (favorite card catalog choice during my junior high years? The 616.89's of course...) meant something deeper.*

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