Monday, April 6, 2009

There are few things more haunting to me today then Bette Davis in Of Human Bondage. Can we live off the grid in a yurt someday while I look like this? :

On Saturday, at the local municipal greenhouse, this feeling of extreme zen and peace came over me. It was a culmination of familiar smells, the warmth of the greenhouse, the freedom that I know Xander felt running around with no one else there...the bam *smack* in the forehead from God...this is where we're meant to be...

But the smell was of the homemade granola that my sister's French housemother used to cook. I thought it was super stinky back then...who knew that it would resurface from my olfactory bulb all, "Hey you, you feel calm and nice now..."

I'm not going to question the bulb.


Erin said...

This post just reminded me of a bar in Nashville called "The Greenhouse". Although I no longer drink, the atmosphere was so warm and calming.. people should really spend more time in greenhouses. Or at the very least, fill their homes with plants.

That photo of Bette is lovely and haunting me now..

Chrissy Johnson said...

That was my exact thought in that greenhouse! I need to buy some plants. Now that we no longer have a cat I feel the need for them. I grew up in a plant-filled home, my mother is the queen of the evergreen thumb.