Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thanks, Erin! And a Haiku.

Emerald Sara
Your pink and lavender silks,
Tossed for crow feathers

I received a sweet blog award from Erin a few days ago. I wish I had the time to bestow it on all of the blogs that I read frequently and admire, but as it is I am writing this into a notepad .txt @ work and have to sneak in my erratic blogging. I do write at home, but it's deeply focused now on a project that Gary and I are working on.

It's coming along like warm bath water, filling the resevoir of thought and creative process, by the way. I'm so excited about our venture. One day soon maybe I'll expell forth great musings about it. Or not. It's in a locket now.
Tucked away until it comes out of its chyrsalis.

So thank you, Erin! I will do the first bit of the award, which is to pronounce 10 honest bits about myself. I'm going to shorten the list to seven, because I'm just like that.

(1. I have met many of my close friends on line. Not in a creepy way but through venues such as this blog. Some live far, far away, some live in the town I just moved from. I don't see it as antisocial but rather that I've met these friends via my great love: writing.

(2. Sometimes I think we shouldn't have moved here. But almost instantanteously after thoughts like these God shows me something miraculous. The last time it was a sunrise unlike one I've never seen, pink and blue cotton candy clouds, streaks of orange across the sky, mountains gold with turning birch leaves. This was right after we turned out of our street on our morning commute. When this happens I immediately slap my forehead.

(3. I am a haiku-writing addict. I write them all day. I dream in haiku.

(4. I really miss being a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom. But I'm glad Xander is in preschool. I just wish he didn't have
to be there for 8.5 hours. :(

(5. Our house is probably going to be foreclosed on, the one we don't live in anymore. We're trying for a short sale now. It's a long, annoying, stupid story and I don't really want to share it, ever. I'll probably never be a homeowner or a landlord again and THIS IS FINE BY ME.

(6. That Soulemama person annoys me with her perfection and smushy face.

(7. I feel a deep connection with magpies. I'll stop and chit chat with them.

(8. (I know I said I was only going to do 7, but what can I say? I'm a free spirit who can't be tied down...)
I have a deep love and deep annoyance of mankind. Most days I would prefer to have little to no human contact outside of my
immediate family. I also need at least two or three hours a day entirely to myself. This is why I love writing and strive to make it my life's work. Lonely and alone are two different things for me.


Eero said...

Yes---I totally agree with #8: mimimum of 3 hours TOTALLY TO MYSELF! I'd go nuts without it!

Erin said...

Thank you for sharing.. and just so you know, I feel you have become one of my closest friends, even though we have never met in person.. and not in a creepy way.

Also, you should make a list of smushy faced people who annoy you. :)

1) that Soulemama person
2) Julia Styles
3) etc..

Chrissy Johnson said...


Sometimes I feel like hissing like a cat at people when they invade my Private Idaho. But it's not their fault, not really @ least.


I feel the same way! And in a creepy way! (kidding...maybe)...

I think the Soulemama person annoys me because she has this super fantastic knitty knit craft la la la life and she writes books that sell very well and has a productive website and blah, blah. In other words: I'm jealous.

Tony said...

Just stopped by your blog and wanted to say "hello". Haven't had a moment to read your posts in awhile. You're writing some pretty fantastic stuff! As an aside, I saw on Facebook you're in need of some Boston me your address and I'll send you some Highlander Grogg.