Monday, October 12, 2009

evening musings

I solemnly swear,
I will not spend all evening
looking at craigslist

I wish all my gays
were here in this very room,
watching Top Model

Why so many flies
buzzing around our bedroom?
Amityville much?

If Heaven were here
I would reach across the gates
and pat your soft hands

The shame of learning
the number of syllables
is two and not three!

I have some new goals:

Start and keep up inspiration board

Write at least five new haikus daily

Compose two paragraphs of fiction weekly (or daily on weekends)

Work on synopsis

One page of journaling a day

Get to bed by midnight

Not so much facebook

Not so much apartment browsing on craigslist

Those are my goals, so...I don't have my glasses on tonight, must close this one. I'm squinting so deeply I'm growing crosseyed.

Oh, sweet library
brushing my hand down your spines
was an antidote

Should I shut up about it now? My longing for library work? Should I just keep pushing and pushing until our books fill a small fraction of library shelves? Should I give up my dream of returning to work in a library one day? FUCKING. NEVER.

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