Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Virtual Inspiration Board

I've got a real one that I just started, but admittedly it's flung a bit haphazardly (wow, spelled that correctly on the first try). Here are some things that inspired my muse today. PS - She's been super bitchy today, the trashy little tease. Hardly any visits at all. I read an article about "training your muse" on - - I'm afraid mine is going to have to be put in the remedial training class. She's so frickin' flighty.


(seen on Design You Trust - the photographer's name is Agan Harahap.

Leg warmers. It's getting colder.

(sold on

And this look/girl/aspiration:

Credit / Wilkosz

And as usual - iceberg blue -

Oh, and Sigur Ros. But that should come as no surprise to anyone but those who don't know me that well (lately).

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