Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I read them first thing in the morning (though it’s much later everywhere else in my known world) and go over my favorite one, perhaps forwarding my husband’s to him if he’s particular in need of a lift or a hand cupped around his ear while I’m not with him. I read at least six different horoscopes daily, some ring like bells and some plunder. Towards the end of my workday I’ll check them again, which of these tiny fortunes came true? There are waves around me, all the time. And I’ll go down the elevator just to feel the earth shift to the left a bit. One horoscope warned me not to share my secrets today. I have so many, if I should ignore that advice, which one should I share? Some are too dark, but to bring them into the light of day would cause them to vaporize, and I’m not ready for them to do that yet.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18
For Tuesday, January 12 -Better think really hard about it before you even consider letting the cat out of the bag. There's a very serious astrological team standing guard in your house of secrets, and they don't take their duties lightly. This pack doesn't take kindly to informants, either, and they're big fans of arranging that folks get exactly what they deserve. Serious stuff? You bet. Lock those lips, and throw away the key. You'll know when it's time to talk about it.

What cat? What bag? I have many cats who reside in many bags. Tell a child not to eat that piece of candy and five seconds later their mouth is covered in chocolate.

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