Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A statement.

I started this blog as a tentative vehicle to review children’s books and perhaps make a bit of advertising change on the side. It was formal and stunted, but I had readership. I had themes! I had memes! I tried to be cute and cuddly. The only part that made one lick of sense to me was the reading and sharing of the children’s and young adult books. That brought me joy. I was working in a children’s library, I devoured my materials like savory meals and I shared with any one who would listen. While I (of course) am still a fan and intimate lover of all things children’s literature, the path it’s taken has veered. If I would have known then (during my time in 2008 as a children’s librarian(ish)) that those joyful months were simply an introduction, the beginning, the inception of my ultimate (and my husband’s) of authorship of our own work to join the universe of verse for tiny humans I would have been thrilled, and scared, and probably would have bowed down to other, more lighthearted passions (Target, etsy shopping, painting, decorating, general tra-la-la-ing). But the biggest passion has resurfaced this year of upheaval and mental anxiety. The oldest friend I have: real, true honest writing. And haiku. After a few years of mainly cotton candy with surreptitious scribblings into journals and prose that will never see the light of day, I’m back. And I’m focused. And part of my support came from these two women: Erin and Katie. So if you’re so inclined and you (who are you anyway? Not that I don’t mind writing to myself only, that’s who I’ve always written for, but who are you? I usually don’t address you. So hello.) like good, solid, honest, but ethereal writing…check them out.
More later. The end. Love you (whoever you are).

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Katie said...

I hope you realise that this feeling of support is mutual. It's always good to come across another writer whose writing is resonant with one's own. Keep up the good work and make sure you invite me to the book release!