Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Haiku and a short description of character

So I'm measuring
and scheming, ruminating
and running figures

She was constantly running figures. When her life slowed down to a comfortable pace she would put down whatever book she was reading and jot lines of numbers down into whatever paper was handy. Bills for the month, overtime hours, how much to save to start this or end that. If an old fashioned adding machine was nearby she punched it to pieces with her 11,000 keystrokes. Her data entry skills were amazing, but they had to be. Her brain worked so fast her fingers struggled to keep up. She wore out keys on keyboards, ground mice and laptop touchpads down until they ceased working. Her thoughts were fire and her fingers were smoke and nothing, nothing could stop her. Her brain worked too fast and she tried everything to slow it down and concentrate on one thing but her eyes were constantly shifting to the left and even the very beautiful couldn't slow her down. Tense was the word to describe her. She didn't think so, though.

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