Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Of course now that I've finally really decided that the time is now (at the most inconvenient time of course) I'm both excited, nervous, flubbertyglittery, and relaxed at the joints. First: sit down and write in a more focused manner. Second: immerse and use the resources that I have been given to actually get more published. I am in Seeing the Everyday this month! An actual print magazine! Must.do.more. And more and more and more.


kt said...

How do I read your article?! You gotta post it to me!
I'm so glad you're working hard - so much talent. So much to do.
Kt x

Chrissy Johnson said...

I need to scan it for you. Here's the website: www.seeingtheeveryday.com. I wish they had an online version, but they are a small publication. I have been working hard, sorry if I haven't commented in a while. I read you every day, though. You've been working hard, too.